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Ch 4 Page 31

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13 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 31

  1. Someone should be watching Midori! It’s not safe to wander around inside of strange buildings alone XD

    1. It seems Ren underestimated Midori’s dependability. At least, she didn’t account for Midori chasing after a sudden Weiss ;;

  2. Rule 1 for taking care of your Midori: Never leave a door or fence open, she will use it to escape – never let her out of your eyes.

    Let’s hope for their sake the security is down, at least for the parts she is walking.

    I have to say, i like the way you did the transition between the monitors and when we see Weiß. I think if someone just happens to stumble onto this page they might think you are writing some kind of horror-story 😀

    1. If only Grey was there to warn dear Ren. He’s a seasoned pro by this point!

      Glad you like the transition~! I’m a big fan of psychological horror, sometimes I like to let that slip through ;>

  3. oooooh dear. Is what she’s seeing in her head or something else?
    This is worrying.

  4. Midori isn’t that much of a fool that she would deliberately mess things up like this. I’m betting that she’s under some kind of compulsion, and can’t stop herself.

    I hope. O.o

    1. When Weiss beckons, Midori finds herself a bit helpless–

  5. Is that her kid sister?

    And more to the point, was it a hallucination or what?

    1. We can’t quite be sure… Midori’s not sure herself. 😡

  6. This is why you shouldn’t have any faith in teenagers: they make the most god awful decisions based on their heart.

  7. Welp, she’d make a good Doctor Who companion, at least.

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