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Ch 4 Page 32

Back with page 32! A brief one as I get myself back on schedule. Thanks for hanging in there, I had a boatload of things to do last month and really ran myself into the ground. Still busy this month, but it's manageable :'> so I'll see you again next week. Like this page? Buy me a coffee! ☕

11 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 32

  1. No worries your friends are willing to give you space. 🙂

    Hmm, several possibilities present themselves:

    This is actually a horror story, and Weiss is a ghost leading Midori to Weiss’ corpse.

    Weiss is a hologram with cleverly prepared sound effects leading Midori away from Ren, thus removing the interference that was keeping Ren safe.

    Weiss is an android with the same mission as above.

    This is a trap to catch Midori.

    This is a trap to catch Midori and use her as bait for Forrest or other Switch personnel.

    This is a fun comic no matter what else is going on. ^^

    1. Thanks for your patience! :> It’s always appreciated. I can’t help but feel guilty for going off-schedule.

      Ooo, so many interesting theories…! I love hearing them all!

  2. You should always remember, the people who are pissed of because you also have a real life, cant be called friends or fans 😉

    So if you still need some time, then take it.

    About the new pages:
    Speeeeeeed lines, something we need more in our lives XD
    But joking aside, looks good, and i am really curious what she has seen behind the corner in this room…

    1. Fortunately I don’t believe anyone is too angry, though I know some get disappointed. Which I understand, I just want those folks to know I’m a one-woman team :’D

      And yes, life needs more speed lines and cool comic effects!


  4. Oh man, I love how you did the panels in this one!

    1. Thank you! It was a nice change to do something kind of minimal.

  5. I knew it. I knew she would run off and get lost.
    Geez, Midori, at least TRY to stay near Ren.

    1. Ren’s gonna have to get one of those kid leashes for Midori :’>

  6. Weiss looks a lot like another comic book character called Courtney Crumrin, from the comic series of the same name.

    1. Someone else mentioned that as well; despite being out since 2002, I actually hadn’t seen the character before, haha

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