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Ch 4 Page 38

Somebody, quick, put Midori on your sportsball team! Chapter 4 is coming to an end soon, which means Centralia will be in need of some more guest art for the break! If you're interested, check out the guidelines here. Like this page? Support Centralia with a coffee!

6 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 38

  1. Sports, hell. I want her for MMA!

    1. Knowing Midori, she might get disqualified for attempted murder :’D

  2. Well, if she didn’t knock it out, at least she knocked it down.

    Nothing I’ve seen here shakes my belief that Midori is designed for combat. 🙂

    1. It’s something, right? At least it might buy them some time…

  3. Reading panel 4, I first thought the robot lost a few teeth.:P

    1. Now you’ve got me picturing a robot with human teeth, which would be pretty upsetting.

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