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Ch 4 Page 39

She can bat. She can throw. Can she... punch robots? Ren really hopes so. Aaaaand that's chapter 4! Centralia will be back in the fall with chapter 5, the exact date is TBD, but expect something around early October. In the meantime, I'll be working on chapter 5 and recharging for the next leg of the story. In the meantime, you can keep up with me/Centralia on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And if you'd like to contribute guest art during the break, check out the guidelines here! Thanks everyone!! ♥( ยด็ฝ’`*)

28 thoughts on “Ch 4 Page 39

  1. “Punching robots” is her hobby, she just didn’t want to show off ^^

    One thing i have to say about the last pages, i am really amazed how good you are with showing movement in these pages – really great work. Also loving your perspective work ๐Ÿ™‚

    Definitive looking forward to the next chapter and i hope your recharging time will be what its called and not be interrupted through something else ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. It’s her hobby, she hopes one day she can make it her full-time job.

      Thanks so much for all your wonderful commentary on this chapter! <3 I'm glad I could capture the action well. It's something I'm still practicing, so I hope to get better with future chapters.

      I'll do my best to actually relax a little and not stress about comic stuff, but no promises! :'D

  2. I suspect that someone at Lumico is watching this, which means they probably now know what Midori and Ren look like… The plot thickens!

    1. Well, Lor said the cameras were all shut off, but we don’t know for sure if they’re all still off. Probably though the defenses that Midori and Ren are fighting now are all under local control and no one outside this building knows anything is going on. They might know that expected data aren’t being received, but they couldn’t see the pictures that aren’t being sent.

      1. You’re right – Lor did hack into the cameras earlier and turn them off, however, I was thinking about how this robot guard dog is targeting Midori and Ren, and I wondered if someone could be watching the two of them through it’s “eyes”? Maybe they’re searching a database in order to trace their identities? If so, it could lead to further plot developments. What if they traced Ren back to Switch? Everyone there could be in danger. Or, what if they know something about Midori that we don’t? While I don’t actually know if any of that is relly happening, I do think it’s fun to speculate ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. We know almost nothing from before Weiss told Midori to wake up. Maybe she was working for Lumico. That person watching through the robot’s eyes may know Midori quite well, except why is she still acting like the alternate persona? Why hasn’t she switched back? Maybe Weiss was supposed to give her another cue when Midori saw her at Lumico? (really off the wall guess): Could Weiss be an AI which (who?) has chosen to switch sides? That isn’t supposed to be possible, is it?

          Time (and Michelle) will tell.

        2. You could be right! What if Weiss is really just a hologram from an advanced rogue AI that is plotting against Lumico? What if there is a secret room in a Lumico building somewhere full of Midori’s? And what about Grey’s father? What is his role in all of this? Could he have been a former Lumico employee that knew too much? Could this AI, or perhaps Midori, be a creation of his that was meant to be activated in the event of his disappearance?

          In any case, one thing is for certain – we’re just going to have to wait and see.

          P.S. I’ve enjoyed throwing theories back and forth with you, so if you have more, don’t hesitate to throw them out there. The best part of this story so far is the questions that it brings and how it excites our imaginations. I enjoy fan theories, and you have some good ones ๐Ÿ˜€

        3. Aaa man, I’m loving all the speculation! Except that I have to resist throwing in any hints… I certainly look forward to your thoughts on some of the surprises of chapter 5!

        4. Definitely! I’m really looking forward to the next chapter ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. We shall see~! They certainly haven’t made a very clean exit thus far, have they? :’D Loving all the theories though!

  3. Soooo. Midori-related interference, or Midori-inflicted damage? What a delightful cliffhanger. ^^

    1. Or… both?? We shall see!

  4. Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do… ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. The suspense is killing me! ARGHHH!!!

    1. Aaaa no, please hang in there til chapter 5! :0

  6. looks like they are about to be attacked by a giant vacuum cleaner.

    1. That would really suck.


      I’ll see myself out

      1. That’s TERRible! I love it. (snicker, snicker)

        And if the lights go out while you’re seeing yourself out… oops! Did I just bump the light switch? I’ve got a flashlight right here… um… somewhere around here? I better step back… Ah! Now I’m back in my own living room. I think messing around with somebody else’s reality (yours) is not that good an idea.
        I will mention that Midori could have the equivalent of a VR headset in her head, and what she sees and hears may not be the same as what others (Ren, for example) see and hear.
        The most obvious example would be that she may be the only one who can see Weiss.

  7. That last panel is sweet.

  8. I love Midori’s serious face!

    Congrats on finishing another chapter~

    1. This machine had best be afraid of serious Midori!

      And thank you! <3 I really appreciate your commentary throughout!

  9. That last panel is incredible !

  10. This isn’t really comic related, but I was listening to some music and started hearing ‘Fall Out Boy’ “my songs know what you did in the dark” as “Midiori knows what you did in the dark”. Well, she just might know, ya’ know?

    Hard to say….

  11. They look really fierce in the last panel despite actually being terrified for their lives.

  12. The pages after this disappeared, should I be worried or excited?

    1. Not worried! New chapter begins today, so new pages will be up shortly.

  13. The pages after this are missing; should I be worried or excited?

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