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Ch 5 Page 14

Odd... did he? PS- thanks everyone for your patience while I work to get the comic schedule back on track. I'm aiming to get back on a solid Friday update schedule, but sometimes life craziness has been pushing it off-course. Hoping to regain some stability in the coming weeks. :]   Enjoy the update? Show the love via Ko-Fi!

6 thoughts on “Ch 5 Page 14

  1. That’s not like Grey at all to just up and tell someone he’s a gen-mod… unless he has some kind of a history with Forrest. If that is the case, then it means this isn’t the first time Grey has been involved with Switch.

    Heh… If I am right, then I want a compliment sandwich 😛

    1. I think it’s THIS PAGE, panels 4 – 6.

    2. It’s true, he holds things close to the vest, especially this.

      We’ll see about that sandwich XD

      1. I read the next page, and that is a big fat no on my sandwhich, complimentary, or otherwise, lol

  2. So all gen-mods react the same to the serum? That sounds like a genetic marker, to me.

    How many laboratories produce gen-mods, I wonder? If it was a law that all gen-mods had the marker, surely Forrest would know about it.

    1. Perhaps a little oopsie from poking around with our DNA? Let’s hope it’s the only one.

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