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Ch 5 Page 18

I get it, Grey. I too have a portion of my brain devoted to "Can I go home now?" :v   Enjoy the update? Show the love via Ko-Fi!

8 thoughts on “Ch 5 Page 18

  1. “Can I go home now?” is a permanent setting in my brain.

    1. Me too. And, if I’m anything like Grey, I would be freaking out.
      “What!? You mean I can’t go back to my safe place!? But, all of my things are there!”

      1. you know I wouldn’t relate to this so much if I hadn’t just spent a weekend housesitting/dogsitting for extremely hyper dogs in a house full of unsettling taxidermy

        1. That sounds like quite the story! >>

      2. “This place doesn’t have a Playstation like MY house, I’m out!!”

        1. PlayStation is mandatory 😀

  2. Is there a missing speech bubble on panel one? Either that or there’s an incredibly subtle “sorry” in there ;P
    (beautiful page as always!!!!)

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