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Ch 5 Page 19

Maybe Midori's had enough danger for one day... or maybe she doesn't want to rock the boat? Who knows.   Enjoy the update? Show the love via Ko-Fi!

6 thoughts on “Ch 5 Page 19

  1. Midori’s face in the last panel says it all – she doesn’t want to make Grey angry, but she’s also thinking about what Forrest told her about him earlier. She’s wondering if Grey hasn’t just been coddling her all along, trying to make decisions for the both of them because he feels insecure about her ability to make decisions for herself. Even though Forrest told her to keep it to herself, I have a feeling that Midori is going to bring it up anyway when her and Grey are finally alone together. Prying kind of seems like the Midori thing to do, lol XD

    1. Or he’s just one of those people who take charge by nature, without thinking about how it could cause problems.

      The bottom line is that they need to have that conversation, and in private, and the sooner the better.

      1. They definitely need to have it, for sure. I have a feeling that conversation will be all kinds of awkward when it starts though

  2. *Sigh* They didn’t understand when Grey fretted about the danger of the planned raid, thinking that he was worried about himself, and they don’t get his agitation here, either. What does he have to do? Buy her flowers? Candy?

    ……Write a sonnet? O.o

    1. Ooops! What happened to the HTML? I didn’t see the “link” symbol in the upper right corner until it was too late. ><

      1. Oops, that’s strange D: I fixed it for you, hopefully!!

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