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Ch 5 Page 20

One time I was shaking peanuts from the can into my mouth, when I realized how easily I could aspirate on a peanut alone in my house and that'd be the lamest way to die I'm more careful now and eat peanuts properly with a fork and a knife.   Enjoy the update? Show the love via Ko-Fi!

10 thoughts on “Ch 5 Page 20

  1. You could be even more safe by eating just peanut butter from now on. With a fork and knife, of course 😛

    1. I… I think I would get arrested for that ;;

  2. Shaking peanuts into your mouth is a completely okay way to eat them. Just don’t point your mouth straight up because they’ll get into your throat before you can reflexively close off your larynx.

    1. That is exactly what I had been doing. XD

      So, yeah, don’t be me and you’ll be fine!

  3. Could it be a mental image projector, or something like that?

    Midori has the WORST luck with food. ><

    1. Perhaps… though a mental image projector is probably the last thing Midori would need. I think her mind is a mess.

  4. I appreciate the update, Michelle 🙂 Making a living is very important, but I also realize finding that balance between work life and personal life can be tough, so just hang in there. Take all the time you need to finish what you need to do, and try not to get frustrated in the meantime. Cheers!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate all the kind comments/messages/emails, even if I don’t always get to respond (or respond late like this :x). It’s been a crazy busy year for sure but I really appreciate the patience as I work through it!

  5. It has been such a long time since I’ve eaten peanut anything, I don’t think I’ve ever considered shaking them into my mouth, or eating them with a fork and knife though…

    To be fair I do have a peanut allergy, so either method would likely result in bad times.

    1. Oh, yeah, that would probably be a bad idea >>;

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