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Ch 5 Page 22

Midori is masterful at making things awkward. Enjoy the update? Show the love via Ko-Fi!

4 thoughts on “Ch 5 Page 22

  1. Poor Midori. She is good at making things awkward, but it is not intentional.

  2. Grey’s reticence to talk about himself laid a conversational booby trap, and Midori stepped in it. >< No malice on either side, just (as Grey says), "awkward".

    I'm starting to peg Grey as less antisocial and more simply unpracticed. He's probably talked more since he met Midori than he had since his dad disappeared. Not talking to people can leave you….blunt. O.o

    1. @ Delta-v I completely agree. I also think these two need eachother right now more than either of them realize. Midori needs Grey to help her think things through and help her sort stuff out. Grey needs Midori to help him open up, and talk about what’s bothering him. The guy is a tough nut to crack, and if anyone else had asked about his parents, I think Grey would’ve told them to “f*ck off”. However, there are some unhealthy vibes that are coming from Grey. Midori, while impulsive, is also innocent, and I think Grey has taken it upon himself to try and protect her. He knows how ugly people can be, but how much of his coddling can Midori take? And how is Grey going to react to Midori after she recovers her memories?

      1. When a man is warming emotionally toward another person, one of the first responses is a desire to protect that person–it seems to be hard-wired in most guys. (Poor guy hasn’t realized it yet.) Problem is (as you alluded), “protecting” Midori may be as useless and futile as holding n umbrella over a battleship.

        Everything I’ve seen about her, her truculence toward those who threaten her, her strength, agility, speed, reflexes, and killer instinct, are surprising in someone who finds herself in a strange and unsettling place and is acting on instinct. Add the electromagnetic interference ability, and fixation on Weiss, and I’m beginning to think that she was designed to be a bodyguard. Look at all she has accomplished with her bare hands and improvised weapons–what might she be able to accomplish with a sword or a firearm? O.o

        Something to think about, anyway. ^^

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