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Ch 5 Page 23

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11 thoughts on “Ch 5 Page 23

  1. “Your social security number has been revoked for criminal activity…”

    Better check the caller ID first, Midori. ^^

    1. Haha, you too? I’m sad to think people are still gonna get those calls in 2050 XD

      1. I’m waiting for the subliminal advertising to be developed. Stuff being projected into your mind while you sleep. I read that in some random scifi short story years ago, and it’s my personal metric for dystopia.

  2. I was wondering how Grey is affording his apartment but I didn’t want the answer to be sad :c

    1. I regret to inform you

      that is it sad :’C

  3. This actually somewhat puts a timeline on genmodding, suggesting that Grey is a second, or even third, generation genmod. It also hints that Grey’s mother was a genmod as well, and was modded using earlier technology. Perhaps Grey’s father was a leading expert (maybe even the founder?) of genmods?

    1. Not that I like giving a ton away, but! Since Grey is in his 20s, that likely puts his parents birth year somewhere in the late 90s or in the 2000’s, so we didn’t have the technology just yet. IRL in 2019 there is talk of it being somewhere on the horizon…

      1. It’s crazy when you think about just how far we’ve advanced as a species, and in such a short amount of time since the industrial revolution. I remember hearing talk about the possibility of being able to genetically modify the appearances of people before they are even born sometime around 2009 – about 10 years ago! Now, there is talk of possibly being able to eliminate hereditary diseases, and even catch birth defects before they can happen. We can even clone some animals now too, and in agriculture, we grow genetically modified plants for a variety of uses. Did you know that cloned dogs have florescent colored toenails?

        1. Oh? That’s pretty wild, though I can’t imagine florescent finger/toenails will be in high demands among humans. XD

        2. Early forms of gen-mod anything are usually florescent something or other. The florescent genes show that the modification actually worked. Then they can go on to something they actually want to change.

  4. Slightly paraphrasing ‘Princess Bride’ — “I want my mother back, you sons of bitches.”

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