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Ch 5 Page 29

Sometimes, you have to think fast.

(Thanks as always for your patience as I work through life <3)

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10 thoughts on “Ch 5 Page 29

  1. That guy will probably never know just how lucky he is to be able to walk away from that confrontation in one piece. Midori might not know how to fight, but I think she could’ve seriously hurt that guy if she managed to hit him. See, it’s easy to lose control and punch someone out when they have it coming (and that guy had it coming), but it’s harder to show some restraint, turn the other cheek, and walk away. Sometimes doing what’s right means you have to take the highroad, even when every fiber of your being is screaming at you and telling you to do the opposite.

    1. Midori took out four security bots that were faster and more agile than Bullyboy, and severely damaged one that was stronger. How much more does she need to know about foghting? ^^

      I absolutely agree with the rest of what you said, though.

      1. You’re probably right. Midori would most likely take this guy out fairly easily. That being said, I think if she had to fight someone with a similar set of genetic enhancements – and who also knew how to fight – I think Midori would be in trouble. I’m even willing to bet that an ordinary person without genetic enhancements, but who had a high level of combat training, could give Midori a hard time. This is all just speculation though. We still don’t really know the limits of Midori’s potential, or what she was like before she lost her memories. She could be recalling certain motor reflexes without even realizing it whenever she’s under duress – which would explain some things about how she fights despite her current state.

        1. Good points all–that’s what makes speculation so much fun. ^^

  2. Yeah, I think that Midori could probably do a lot of damage, and this guy deserves it, but then the police…. Grey’s idea is definitely the safer course. He also gets a lot of credit for apologizing to Midori for the way he got her (and himself) out of there. It was necessary, it worked, but it wasn’t nice to treat her like that. A very tense situation, but they’re out of it, at least for the moment.

    1. Grey is a class act–when he isn’t busy being grumpy/ ^^

      1. This is a little off topic (and maybe a little random), but can any of you imagine if Grey was a YouTube “Let’s Player”? Just imagine what one of his Twitch streams would be like!

        1. Good question. Twitch would probably be ‘VR-Twitch’ by then so, yeah, fantastic but hard to imagine. And Grey might well be a “Let’s Player” so…. {I tried to imagine a “Let’s Play” video stream in VR by Grey and ran out of brain cells…. bzzzzzt bzzzzt fzzzzzz…. } How did I get here? I what!? ;-}}

        2. I think Grey, and especially Lor, could both be pretty good Let’s Players. Grey’s personality would ironically make for some unintentional comedy on his part. As for Lor, I actually wouldn’t be surprised if she does (or, did) something like that in her free time. She seems like the kind of person who maybe would have had an LP channel up on a video streaming site like YouTube at one point before joining up with Switch. A VR Let’s Play hosted by either of them would be pretty entertaining though 😀

        3. Why wasn’t I thinking of Lor in this context? She might even have an AI running at home, right now, playing a game and streaming it, VR of course. That brings up an interesting question… actually two questions. First, if I’m running a site to offer either game playing or streaming or both, how do I know someone’s not an AI? A ‘capcha’ showing a box to click labeled ‘I am not a robot’ isn’t going to fool even a cheep, off the shelf AI. It’s similar to a Turing test. Second, do you want to block out the ‘robots’? Maybe the AIs would prefer to play against each other, rather than those humans, because human players are so slow!

          And if the AI is smarter than you are, you’ll probably never know. :-0}}

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