Grey finds himself lacking for answers. What’s a gen-mod to do?

Hope you’re all hanging in there as best you can during these uncertain times. Living in California, I’m looking at being stuck at home at least til mid April, if not longer. I know how stressful this virus has us, so I hope these page updates can prove a welcome distraction. If you’re ever feeling at a loss, my inbox is always open at . (◡‿◡✿) As for me, I’ve been enjoying a lot of Animal Crossing between working on comics!

Unfortunately, my work has taken a hit as a result of the virus. I’ve also had pretty much all my planned conventions cancelled. If you’re able (and only if you’re able!), I would really appreciate supporting either my Ko-Fi or my online shop! If that’s not a possibility, then I would equally love if you introduce a new reader to Centralia! Quarantine time is excellent comics-reading time, yeah?

Thank you as always for your readership and wonderful comments, you guys are the best!


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