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Ch 5 Page 35

If only it were so easy... (ยดใ€‚_ย  ใ€‚) Hope you're all holding up okay and not reading TOO much bad news (I know I have a problem with falling down rabbit holes.) If you can, please consider supporting Centralia on Ko-Fi or via my online shop!

11 thoughts on “Ch 5 Page 35

  1. What Midori just said. [full stop]

    1. It’s difficult, I think, once “wanting” to fix things becomes “trying” to fix things.

      1. True.

        Changes aren’t going to happen unless someone actually tries, but what not to do because it won’t work and what not to do because it would be worse than what we’ve got? It’s sort of a ‘slippery slope’ problem – you have to go part way down the slope to do any good… BUT keep a firm grip on your moral compass and not fall into the trap of ‘the end justifies the means’ where you end up just being ‘the bad guys, 2nd edition’.

        It’s a dangerous job, but you knew that when you took it.
        Maybe safety procedures aren’t being followed, you point it out, and lose your job.
        Maybe you’re trying to overthrow a corrupt, authoritarian government and lose your life.
        Maybe you accomplish your original goals by using methods that you would not normally accept… and lose your soul. It’s happened before and will happen again. Some of the worst things that we have done to each other were caused by people who started out with only the best intentions. [ugh]

        That’s deep enough for now, I think. Thanks, Michelle, for a really thought provoking comic (and comment).

  2. Grey can only hide as long as no one sees his ID card….

    1. Let’s hope no one asks!

  3. So I guess no one in this world dies their hair.

    Neither to stand out, or to blend in.

    1. They do, but Midori would probably not be up for it right now.

  4. I’ve been reading Centralia for a while, and just today happened to scroll to the bottom and saw the button to Vote on Top Web Comics. Now I can vote regularly for this webcomic.

    1. Awesome Lloyd, thanks so much for voting (and reading)!! It really helps get the comic more eyeballs ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. I’m guessing gen modding was new around when these two were born so the discrimination might not have been predicted but do parents still decide to go for gen modding hoping that by the time their child is older it might be better? Like I’m sure some will for the genetic disease reason like Grey’s parents but for cosmetic reasons, eg being a fan of the colour green, seems like gen modding could die off maybe??

    1. Maybe! Alternatively, it may become more commonplace to where people aren’t so surprised or weirded out by cosmetic mods.

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