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Ch 5 Page 5

Midori gettin' thrown like a sack of aggressive potatoes :') Happy to get back on track post-Japan! Unhappy that I am separated from the country by 17 hours, and a week later my internal clock is still busted. RIP.   Enjoy the comic? Support Centralia with Ko-Fi!

12 thoughts on “Ch 5 Page 5

  1. YOU’RE BACK! <3 ^^

    And as "You Light Up MY Life" plays in the background, Midori reaches Stage Two "Oh, it's on now!" battle response…

    1. So is this Shikai or Bankai? 😛

  2. Midori might be hurt pretty bad. Getting thrown into a wall like that is no joke. I hope she’s as superhuman as people are saying she is and she can shrug this off

  3. Midori may be hurt, but not enough to stop fighting. She’s in a ‘now you’ve made me mad, you won’t like me when I’m mad’ mood. (That expression is… I was thinking ‘gold’ but ‘steel’ is more like it.)

    Or, to get historical, “I have not yet begun to fight!” (probably said by John Paul Jones)

    1. I’m too lazy to google it and find out who actually said that, so we’ll just say that It probably was John Paul Jones… But, isn’t he also from Led Zepplin?

      1. That’s originally from dialog spoken by actor Bill Bixby playing Dr. David Bruce Banner on the television version of The Incredible Hulk. The actual phrase is “Don’t make me angry You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!”, and was spoken to annoying reporter Jack McGee. 🙂

      2. The phrase “I have not yet begun to fight!” is attributed to John Paul Jones, commanding ships during the revolutionary war, as a reply to a British request that he surrender. It may be apocryphal.

        1. Oh, hah, I didn’t see that you were responding to that quote, and you are of course correct. I didn’t even see the quote itself because the contrast between the lettering and the background is so low I can barely read it, and I skipped over it somehow. Sorry. 🙂

        2. @stonefoot: Seems fitting now that you explain it, although I still think Midori looks like she’s hurt when I look at the last panel. Perhaps she’s not ready to quit yet, but I think her body is trying to tell her otherwise
          @Delta-v: Don’t worry about it. It’s cool that we can have these discussions here and share all of these references with eachother

        3. I don’t know the exact provenance of the quote, but knowing Jones’ general character it’s highly plausible that he said it, or something very much like it. The battle certainly took place.

  4. Good thing she hit the ‘bot, otherwise that could have gone VERY badly…

    1. Let’s just hope she hit it hard enough…

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