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Ch 6 Page 11

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6 thoughts on “Ch 6 Page 11

  1. I am sure crunchy eggs are a delicacy in some culture somewhere.

    1. Consider it extra texture, perhaps?

  2. Is the word “ever” in panel 3 meant to be “even”? (I think we can prove mathematically that at some point in the past the eggs were fresh, using the intermediate value theorem.)

    1. The word is meant to be “ever”, as the conversation goes like this:

      Person #1: “Who made the eggs!?”
      *Midori cautiously raises her hand*
      Person #1: “You got SHELLS in them! Guess they didn’t mod you to cook.”
      Person #2: “Oh, be quiet! Your gen-mod jokes are getting old.”
      Person #3: “I don’t know if they (‘they’ being Person #1’s so-called gen-mod jokes) were ever fresh.”

    2. Right, the rebuttal is to the girl’s quip and not about the eggs. Hope that makes sense!

  3. That wasn’t a joke, that was a snipe. I’d say it was thinly-disguised bigotry except for the fact that it wasn’t really disguised at all….

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