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Ch 6 Page 10

Eatin' time! Also some random Switch members! Enjoy the update? Show the love via Ko-Fi!

8 thoughts on “Ch 6 Page 10

  1. Really digging the way the colorful characters pop with the grey background. 😀

    1. Colourful humans can liven up any drab interior!

  2. Aha! The inimitable eggs!
    Thank you for another wonderful page. I have enjoyed this whole kitchen and eating sequence very much.

    1. I’m so glad!! I felt it’d be nice to see a little more of the going-ons at the Switch HQ. :>

  3. “Who made the eggs!”


    1. This, is a good answer

  4. Can’t wait to find out if purple-hair thinks the eggs are really good, or really bad.

    1. “I need to compliment the chef, -NOW-“

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