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Ch 6 Page 9

Well, at least Midori likes her green hair. Enjoy the update? Show the love via Ko-Fi!

10 thoughts on “Ch 6 Page 9

  1. I’m astonished that she didn’t wipe the egg off her face two pages ago. It’s not as if she doesn’t care about her image, or she wouldn’t have tried to pretend to know how to cook!

    1. Oh, she’s just saving it for later. As a snack.

      1. Ew. Raw egg as a snack? Do they not have E. Coli in Centralia?

        1. There is a Gen-mod for that

  2. P.S. “They made you a boy but you know you’re a girl” raises interesting questions. If they’re good enough at genetics to do all those other things, shouldn’t they be able to figure out how to make a baby’s felt gender line up with their hardware? (Supposing I’m understanding correctly that being trans is thought to be innate, not chosen.) (Just to be clear, I am /not/ advocating for choosing the sex of one’s child!)

    But I think I do disagree with Gray’s seeming blanket rejection of genetic modification. Any technology can be used in ethically dubious ways, but if they can catch hemophilia (a disease for which the genetic basis is well understood) and fix it in the embryo, I vote yes for that.

    1. That I feel would be difficult; I have no idea what understanding of the brain we’ll have in 30 years, but at least in the setting of Centralia, we don’t know what determines one’s gender identity.

  3. Um, Forrest, She IS stronger, much stronger, and faster, with better coordination and balance. I still haven’t decided whether I think she had standard parents, or donors and a test tube, but I’m pretty sure that she is exactly what her designers had in mind, and the green hair is a marker to identify her. ^^

    And if Forrest keeps verbally patting her on the head like that, she may even start to purr. XD

    1. She’s like the embodiment of that Daft Punk song!

      “And if Forrest keeps verbally patting her on the head like that, she may even start to purr”

      Okay, that really made me grin XD

  4. Whoever Midori’s parents are, or were, they must have shelled out a pretty penny for her mods.

    Enhanced Strength. What looks like Enhanced Reflexes. Regeneration.

    I wonder what other gen0-mods she potentially has…?

    1. They were certainly getting creative, that much we can say for certain!

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