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centralia 2050 chapter 6 pag

Ch 6 Page 37


I'm still kicking, and so is Midori!

Thanks to everyone for hanging in there while I figure things out with the comic. As I posted about earlier, the colorist I was working with quit suddenly for reasons out of my control, and being that I was about to leave for Thanksgiving holiday it took me a while to figure out the next steps. Well, I'm still figuring things out, but for now, I wanted to get this page out to you.

For now I'll be returning to coloring the pages myself, until I can find an appropriate artist who I feel can successfully maintain the look of Centralia. It may be a struggle getting pages out as quickly due to my increasingly busy work schedule, so I can only ask that you continue to bear with me while I work to make this story happen. Comics, they're a job and a half!

As always, thank you for your readership, and I look forward to your thoughts!!

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10 thoughts on “Ch 6 Page 37

  1. So dramatic! I’ve been looking forward to this page for a while! Especially love the contrast of that last panel!

  2. That last panel is absolutely amazing!

  3. Well, he probably won’t be using that arm for much anymore, except maybe to cook his food. Wait, does he eat food?

  4. This is the scene in which Tall, Dark, and Ugly learns that Midori’s gene-mods extend beyond her hair color. FYI, Midori, there’s another place you can crush that would be even more effective…..

    1. ….it’s his throat! What? Geeze, you guys….

      1. Assuming he has a (natural, normal) pair

  5. He’s disarmed, Midori! Quickly, grab a health pack! Wait, do they have those here?

  6. Love the comic. But, did you know that the RSS feed isn’t actually the comic? It’s only some blog posts that I can’t actually find on the page. I’d love it if I could get the updates via RSS. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hey Tetragramm, thanks so much for alerting me to this, also I’m so glad you’re enjoying the comic!! I’m thinking the RSS issue might be caused by the website redesign; I’ll look into it this week and try to get RSS up and running again!

    2. Hi there! The RSS feed should be fixed now. Please give it a try.

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