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Ch 6 Page 38


Happy new year everyone!! Chinese and non-Chinese New Year, since I missed the latter by a whole-ass month. Now, let me get out of the way so Midori can aim.

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10 thoughts on “Ch 6 Page 38

  1. I think Midori could do more damage with her fists than she could with that pistol. ^^

    1. Let’s hope no one has to find out!

  2. Point Blank! She can’t miss. Right?

    1. For her sake, let’s hope so 😡

  3. Midori… Are you prepared to go through with this?

  4. With her abilities, she could blind him by poking him in the eye.

    1. haha, maybe! That’s a far reach for her arms though.

  5. It’s so good to see you in the Comments again, Michelle–we’ve missed you! ^^

    1. It’s good to be back!! :> I’m always so happy to see folks’ comments!

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