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Ch 6 Page 4

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8 thoughts on “Ch 6 Page 4

  1. NARRATOR: She don’t got this.

  2. Before the end of this story, I foresee Midori preparing a delicious omelet for someone special…. its just that it might take more than 15 omelets to get there, thats all

    1. Y’know, that’d be a really unique use of the Chekhov’s gun principle…

  3. One teensy little detail: WHAT KIND OF OMELETS?

    Mr Possibly-a-bigot needs to be more specific.

    Before we get too far in speculating on her omelet prowess, remember this: If you prove you can cook well, they’ll drag you back into the kitchen at every little opportunity, but if you prove you CAN’T do it at all, they’ll never bother you again. ^^

    1. This is true, without instruction, you are risking Midori making… like… spaghetti omelettes

  4. Cook: How do you spell omelette?
    Midori: “omelette” “s_c_r_a_m_b_l_e_d e_g_g_s” “omelette”

    1. What is an omelette, but a disc of scrambled eggs? Close enough!

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