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Ch 6 Page 5

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15 thoughts on “Ch 6 Page 5

  1. I’m gonna make the best damn breakfast you ever had!

    1. We should be grateful she didn’t have access to a microwave

  2. This page…..was everything I could have hoped for!

    *Sniff* I’m so HAPPY! :’)

  3. The fact that Forrest just happened to be walking by, right as Midori lost it on those eggs, has to be the cherry on this poor girl’s sh*t sundae. After I read this page I actually said to myself, “Of course, he just HAD to be the one to see her like this!” XD

    1. At least she wasn’t actually trying to make sundaes :’)

      It’s true, Midori has impeccable timing in the worst way sometimes, lmao

  4. It is wonderful to watch the great chefs of Europe at work!

    1. Midori studied at the finest Europe food-schools!

  5. This scene is wonderful. I had to show my wife. Thank you.

    1. Honestly that is truly an honor :’)

  6. I just discovered this comic a few days back and have been binging to catch up. I love it!

    Probably everyone will hate me for saying this, but I like the artwork better in black and white. I mean, yeah, I can see why seeing her green hair as green helps in telling the story, but on the other hand, I didn’t get that that was Forrest until I read the comment saying so, in part because his skin isn’t colored dark enough to go with that lecture he gave Grey about prejudice a few pages ago. But that’s not the point, it’s that the b&w looks much more realistic, to me, and much more intense. It’s why all the best movies are in b&w; it tells a story better, especially with good light and shadow, as you’ve consistently done.

    I thought the one page of childhood memory in color was great, emphasizing that that was a better world and a simpler time, but I would have liked to see a return to b&w for the present-time scenes.

    But, it’s your comic, and I’m not going to abandon it however you do it!

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!! Also I really appreciate your opinion, I agree there’s a lot to like about doing it in B+W, and I know that there’s some readers who will prefer it. It was a difficult choice, since I’d done 4 chapters without color… but I started out in B+W for efficiency’s sake rather than a stylistic choice, and it started to feel like it was holding me back from how I envisioned the project. I can only hope my color abilities can match up to the feel and intensity that was achieved in b+w. 🙂

  7. You know, I would ask why she didn’t try to cut the pepper, but it’s probably best that she doesn’t touch the knife.

    1. Yeah, and cutting the onion didn’t go very well…

  8. So, we going for a Doom Guy / Hulk smash-up here?

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