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Ch 6 Page 8

As it turns out, not every case turns out like Grey's. Enjoy the update? Show the love via Ko-Fi!

12 thoughts on “Ch 6 Page 8

  1. All right, this is heavy.

  2. I get the feeling that Lor is a very bright, but also lonely person. I think that other than maybe a couple of people at Switch, Midori might be the only real friend she has right now. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

    1. I just re-read my comment, and I thought maybe I should clarify that I hope Midori remains friends with Lor, not that I hope she remains lonely. Sorry, but I wanted to clear that up.

      1. Of course! Haha, I don’t think anyone is wishing Lor to be all alone.

  3. I know quite a few people whose bodies would fail them if not for a daily regimen of pills–myself being one of them, since I’m diabetic. And none of us is gene-modded.

    Yes, gene therapy is fraught with pitfalls. No, surviving on medication is not that uncommon. 🙂

    1. Agreed. Between diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, gout, and some kind of neurological leg pains, I’m up to 17 daily medicines, not counting the vitamin pills. Looks like Lor has three. Also, autism is a “minor problem” only for people not far along on the spectrum. There’s a long conversation to be had about the politicization of medical diagnoses. (Not that it’s always bad. The de-diagnosisization of homosexuality has been a good thing. I’m not so convinced that the de-diagnosisization of deafness has been so great. For autism, again, my feeling depends on how severe a particular case is. Getting my flame-retardant suit ready.)

      1. It’s truly a complex matter with a long and troubled medical history. I’m glad that people who live with various conditions (myself included) have more of a say regarding their health/body/identity than before, though we still have a lot to figure out. With hopefully no need for flame-retardant suits, haha. Be nice y’all!

    2. I’m also a member of the “need daily medication to thrive” crowd, so, hooray :’)

  4. Just wanted to compliment you on the claw grip there while chopping the onion! Yeahhhh, safe fingers. ^_^

    1. Haha thanks for noticing! Meanwhile, Midori holds a whisk like someone who’s truly never cooked before.

      That being said, I’m not super mindful about doing the proper grip when cutting things… still got my fingers though

  5. As an autistic who has done a LOT of research, I have soooooo much feels about this. >.<;;;;

    1. Please let me know if I mis-speak on the matter, as I’m not autistic! I don’t want to cast it in a negative light, but rather explore how neuro-divergency is often unfairly condemned by neuro-typical people.

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