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Ch 7 Page 3


Meanwhile, Midori suffers in silence...

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10 thoughts on “Ch 7 Page 3

  1. This page seems to be broken, the next button on the previous page and the link in the “Posted on” date say it should be at /comic/3121/ but that page leads to a 404.

    1. Hi Seth, sorry for the little error there. You should be able to see the page now.

  2. Turning off your phone isn’t good enough. You have to physically remove the battery, which the manufacturers are making harder and harder.

    1. Or stick it in a faraday cage.

  3. It looks like Midori is trying to wash away the guilt she feels (a fairly common reaction even though the guy she killed deserved it). She needs time and space to process things, while at the same time she needs people she can turn to when she’s ready to talk.
    In short, be there but don’t push her.

    1. Why won’t the Comment Section let me use my preferred username? O.o

      1. Does your preferred user name include punctuation?

    2. 100%!

      I’m not sure what happened with the username field… let me know if it persists, I can’t promise I’ll be able to figure it out, but I can try :`>

  4. I read through all of Centralia over the past few days and want to let you know how much I enjoyed it and am looking forward to more!

    1. Hey Dusty!! Thank you SO much, I’m so glad!! <3 Hoping to have the next page up to enjoy soon!

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