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Ch 1 Page 5

Who likes drawing 19 different city perspective shots? This lady! Ha...

6 thoughts on “Ch 1 Page 5

  1. Omg, and those perspectives and everything looks amazing.

  2. I actually work for a small company that installs surveillance cameras for municipal governments (mostly small-to-medium towns, plus various companies).

    I’m looking at these images and wondering “why is that one mostly watching walls?” (low left) or “how did they get that camera so close to the ground?” and “the one watching the guy must be a PTZ or the client must really ,really love that bench” and so on. XD

    1. Here in Centralia, we put cameras on our pigeons and rats to boost civilian-monitoring capabilities. Sometimes it results in some unconventional angles. ;T

      1. I am ow imagining some party-loyal rat-and-pigeon training trying to training them to spot subversives and follow remote directions. “No, don’t go to the foodcrumbs, watch that guy, he might be texting for revolution!” or “P4151, fly left! No, that’s too much a left! Yes, that guy, that guy! No, the other guy!”

  3. They are all outside shots, and inclusive of Michelle’s statement of surveillance wildlife assets, most of these shots are ‘on the wing’. Which begs the question: what are ‘they’ looking for?

    PS I know I’m late to the show, but what the hell, let’s pretend I have a Tardis.

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