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4 thoughts on “Ch 6 Page 55

  1. Uh oh, the cops on the case at your place is not good sign.

  2. I can only imagine what’s currently going through Grey’s mind right now. His apartment is his safe place, and now, after everything that’s happened, he can’t even go there. He must be cursing himself for getting involved with Midori and Switch once again.

    1. And sadly, it’s a little too late to back out now…

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Ch 6 Page 55


Why yes, Midori. Yes it is.

PS- this complex page nearly took. me. out!!

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Quick update!

Hey folks!

I want to pop in with a quick update as it’s been a while. The last few weeks have been a lot; one of my pet rats, Scout, was struggling with congestive heart failure. After many days and nights of administering medication and patient hand-feedings, she sadly passed away last Wednesday.

Here she is cuddling with her sister Bee when she was in better health (Scout is on top). We are definitely missing her this week.

In addition to pet health, it’s also been a busy time for work, and my covid booster knocked me on my ass. ;u; The good news is, during that time I have managed to get the rest of chapter 6 sketched out and ready to ink, so expect the concluding pages soon! Thank you as always for your patience and readership, I feel unbelievably fortunate to have such awesome readers!